Floating through the Bolivian Jungle (an Amazon photo-tour)

There are a few places that one conjures up in their minds when they think of South America; like Macchu Pichu, the Galapagos Islands, and of course, the Amazon.

Prior to actually setting foot on the continent I didn’t even consider the fact that the Amazon river and jungle actually extend past Brazil. It actually reaches into Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia as well as the famed Brazil, and while not every country boasts the same experience each region has its own unique charm.

Sunset reflection, Pampas, Rurrenabaque, Bolivian Amazon

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Come ride with me: exploring the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula

Before I got to Mexico I didn´t know what to expect, but I had a lot of pretty bad stereotypes in mind about places like Cancun. They were related to things like spring-break, and could not have been further from what I actually experienced. The Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico´s east coast is so much more than that, and it´s beauty and awesomeness cannot be expressed in words.  So without further ado, here is a photo-tour of a MUST VISIT destination…

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Check out my post on swimming with whale sharks here.

Have you been to the Yucatan Peninsula? What was your favorite spot?