My top 10 travel spots from 2015

Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s a day later (than in Australia) here in Peru, but it was worth the wait! Let’s just say, legal fireworks are as fun as they sound 😉

This past year I was lucky enough to travel through 13 countries, and loved every one. I always have a travel wish list, but as I tick each item off the list it only grows longer. So before I think about my wish list for 2016, I wanted to look back on my favourite places and experiences.

Here’s some 2016 travel inspo for you. Hope you enjoy the list as much as I enjoyed making it!

Sziget Colour Party1. Budapest, Hungary

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A quick guide to Huacachina- Peru’s desert oasis


When I first arrived in Peru I hadn’t done a lot of research into what to do or where to do it. Sometimes this is nice because you’re surprised by the wonderful places you get to visit instead of comparing them to the Instagram photos you have spent hours pouring over (I am very guilty of this). So when I arrived in Lima and a few people mentioned the oasis you can visit on the way to Arequipa and then Cusco, I knew I had to visit. It does not disappoint, so if you’re planning on a visit yourself here’s a quick and dirty need-to-know for Peru’s little desert paradise.

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