Floating through the Bolivian Jungle (an Amazon photo-tour)

There are a few places that one conjures up in their minds when they think of South America; like Macchu Pichu, the Galapagos Islands, and of course, the Amazon.

Prior to actually setting foot on the continent I didn’t even consider the fact that the Amazon river and jungle actually extend past Brazil. It actually reaches into Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia as well as the famed Brazil, and while not every country boasts the same experience each region has its own unique charm.

Sunset reflection, Pampas, Rurrenabaque, Bolivian Amazon

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5 awesome things to do in La Paz

La Paz is a city of many talents. While I am not a fan of the altitude- it is the highest altitude major city in the world- there are some great experiences to have both in the city in around. Most people focus on the tours that run from La Paz, like the Amazon, Death Road, and Uyuni Salt Flat tours. But I am here to tell you there’s some greatness to be seen in the city itself (and some surprisingly good coffee).

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), La Paz, Bolivia

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)

This spot shares its name with a few other places in South America- but this one is the best. Why, you ask? It is said to have been named by none other than the Moon-Man himself, Neil Armstrong, due to its status as the most similar place on earth to the actual moon. It’s a short taxi from La Paz and makes for a great relaxed day trip.

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The 2016 travel wishlist

Laguna 69, Huaraz, Peru

Here’s to living a life you love, which often consists of longing for things and writing endless lists (duh).

Warning* The items on the list below are very possibly flights of fancy that will not be visited by this traveler in the coming year.

But a girl can dream..


I have wanted to visit the Maldives for quite a while now to see the incredible manta seasons they get there.  I am a diver myself and they are one my animal bucket-list for sure!  I haven’t made it yet due to hefty price tag but maybe this year!

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My top 10 travel spots from 2015

Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s a day later (than in Australia) here in Peru, but it was worth the wait! Let’s just say, legal fireworks are as fun as they sound 😉

This past year I was lucky enough to travel through 13 countries, and loved every one. I always have a travel wish list, but as I tick each item off the list it only grows longer. So before I think about my wish list for 2016, I wanted to look back on my favourite places and experiences.

Here’s some 2016 travel inspo for you. Hope you enjoy the list as much as I enjoyed making it!

Sziget Colour Party1. Budapest, Hungary

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A quick guide to Huacachina- Peru’s desert oasis


When I first arrived in Peru I hadn’t done a lot of research into what to do or where to do it. Sometimes this is nice because you’re surprised by the wonderful places you get to visit instead of comparing them to the Instagram photos you have spent hours pouring over (I am very guilty of this). So when I arrived in Lima and a few people mentioned the oasis you can visit on the way to Arequipa and then Cusco, I knew I had to visit. It does not disappoint, so if you’re planning on a visit yourself here’s a quick and dirty need-to-know for Peru’s little desert paradise.

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Come ride with me: exploring the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula

Before I got to Mexico I didn´t know what to expect, but I had a lot of pretty bad stereotypes in mind about places like Cancun. They were related to things like spring-break, and could not have been further from what I actually experienced. The Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico´s east coast is so much more than that, and it´s beauty and awesomeness cannot be expressed in words.  So without further ado, here is a photo-tour of a MUST VISIT destination…

Check out my post on swimming with whale sharks in Cancun here.

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Check out my post on swimming with whale sharks here.

Have you been to the Yucatan Peninsula? What was your favorite spot?

Major Bucket List item: Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico

20150908_223701 (2)

Whale Shark, Cancun, Mexico

I screamed so loudly through my snorkel they could hear me from the boat. I began frantically swimming through the haze of bubbles from the other swimmers, until a huge creature almost the exact same shade of blue as the water came into view. It looked as surprised to see me as I was to see it, and it kept swimming as quickly as my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe it- I had finally done one of the top items on my bucket list- I had seen my first whale shark.

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4 reasons to head to The Bahamas (and two reasons to be wary)



The Bahamas is a group of 700 islands and cays (smaller, lower islands) that for most are synonymous with picture-perfect beaches and ideal holidays. It certainly lived up to its standard of beaches, but for me it was a land of contrasts, from incredible natural experiences and new friends to unexpected difficulties. So here are some things I loved, and some things I wish I knew before I went.

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5 travel lessons we can learn from kids

These lessons apply to everyday, but are especially helpful when travelling. I have worked with kids a fair bit in different environments and have learnt to appreciate a lot of the behaviours of small humans that we lose as we get older.

  1. Get excited by everything

I didn’t take me long when I first started travelling to realise that the same exact type of food or clothing or person can be approximately 18 times more interesting with a different setting/store front/accent. Things that would be normal at home are more exciting overseas. Add to that the plethora of incredible things that actually are new and different and ancient and cultured etc, and travel will teach you to see things with the excited wonderment of a child.

  1. Smile at people

Almost too obvious, but something that we need to be reminded of. Not matter what the situation, it will always be helped by being friendly and wearing a smile. I need to remind myself of this every now and then, because even when you don’t feel like smiling, it will make you and everyone else feel a little better. It is the one true universal language.

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