The 2016 travel wishlist

Laguna 69, Huaraz, Peru

Here’s to living a life you love, which often consists of longing for things and writing endless lists (duh).

Warning* The items on the list below are very possibly flights of fancy that will not be visited by this traveler in the coming year.

But a girl can dream..


I have wanted to visit the Maldives for quite a while now to see the incredible manta seasons they get there.  I am a diver myself and they are one my animal bucket-list for sure!  I haven’t made it yet due to hefty price tag but maybe this year!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Hidden beaches. Whale watching. Mexican food. Mexico shopping. Mexican culture.  Mexico. I may not get to Puerto Vallarta on my way home from South America but I will come back for youuuuuuu.


The home of tzatziki  and souvlaki calls to me. One day soon I shall be soaking up sun in whitewashed Santorini while some Adonis feeds me olives. Or something. .

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Jump on in! #sailcroatia

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Croatian islands

Sail Croatia son!! The croatian yacht week (hire yacht. sail islands. drink alllll the drinks) has been on my list since I lived I  Europe and I will potentially be dragging some buds along with me this year.

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Hot springs

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Costa Rica

SLOOOTTTHHHHSS. Costa Rica apparently more than makes up for its higher prices with stunning forests and wildlife. When I go I will volunteer at one of the many fantastic wildlife rescue centers so I can get all the sloth hugs I possibly can. Oh and it’s a good thing to do and such..

Pig Beach, Exuma, Bahamas

I did actually make it to the bahamas this year, but in a cruel turn of fate (i.e. poor planning) I didn’t make it to see the thing I was most excited about- The swimming-freakin-pigs. That’s right.  A beach. Full of pigs. Swimming pigs. *squels of excitement*

(see what I did there) *wink wink*


From whale sharks in Donsol to the incredible beaches and coves on islands like Palawan, the Phillipines look like utter paradise.

Las vegas

Suuuure Vegas has the shows and the nightlife and the resorts resorts and the shopping, but I want to go there for one thing- my favourite food- BUFFET.


Backpacker communities have been a-buzzing for the past year or so that Myanmar is the go-to undiscovered place for adventure seeking travelers.  While the country struggles with a massive refugee crisis, I I would like to visit and support the country in whatever way I can while appreciating the lack of tourism in such a beautiful country.

New Zealand

SHAME on me for living so close to the land of Hobbits and never having visited.  But we always want to explore further than our own backyard don’t we? I plan to visit Hobbiton,  avoid bungee jumping at all costs,  and eat everything at Bluebells cakery.


Last but not at all least is another one on here for diving and sea life that I too have avoided due to the price tag- although this is because this teeny Island is so hard to get to. One day I shall swim in the jellyfish soup they call a lake and it will be magical. MAGICAL.

Where do you hope to head to this year? Let me know in the comments!

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