A day in London

London is not usually my first choice for Europe, especially when the already high prices soar in the summer months. I had a stopover there for a few days though, and loved every second of it. Aside from my love of tea and cheese being highly sated here, the architecture, markets, shows and museums are enough to keep anyone happy for a few days even on a tight budget.

Cheese at Borough Market

Of course the first place I come across in London is manna from cheese heaven. I was lucky enough to be staying a few minutes walk away from the awesome Borough Market which is full of amazing goodies, but I got a cheese version of highway blindness when I came here and started buying ALL THE CHEESE. Had a very happy next few days eating it all.

Borough Market Bread Ahead, Borough Market

The Borough Market in London is full of all sorts of amazing food, and though it is pricey even for London, the quality of the good like these doughnuts from Bread Ahead is phenomenal.

Bread Ahead Doughnut

I grabbed this salted honeycomb number and from the nearby chocolate emporium and headed to the Thames to enjoy my breakfast of champions. If you’re in London summer or winter, walking along and stopping for a bite along the iconic river is a must.

View of St Paul's Cathedral Thames River London

After walking along the Thames for a while and crossing to the other side, I came across some epic bike ride that seemed to fill every street I went down. I’m still not sure what it was but it was pretty cool to see that side of the city, everyone out and participating in such a huge event.


Gotta love the London street names

After that I headed to Soho and Oxford St, where anyone who enjoys good food and better shopping must go in London. Carnaby Street in Soho has amazing boutique shops and places to eat while Oxford and Regent Streets give great shopping for those seeking the larger chain stores such as Primark and H+M. Personally I like both, so luckily they are right next to each other.

Carnaby Street, London

Decorations in a Soho laneway

Crumbs and Doilies, Soho London

Crumbs and Doilies in Soho is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth

Pizza Pilgrims, Soho London

This fried calzone from Pizza Pilgirms in Soho blew my mind

The stores in Carnaby are quite the mixture, from clothing boutiques and food to this place below, ChoccyWoccyDooDah, where all the displays are made entirely of chocolate. I didn’t stop at the cafe because of the massive lines, but they have a stores dowstairs if you want to grab a treat.

ChoccyWoccyDoohDah, Carnaby St


Carnaby St, London

Some whimiscal foodstuffs from another store in Carnaby. The ‘Brain Jam’ was Raspberry jam. An elderly couple next to me picked up the ‘Dried Earwax’ and despite the language barrier could tell they were shocked that a place would sell earwax… until I explained it was actually fudge. Classic.


A stroll in the other direction from Borough Market and London Bridge brings you to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. For those of us on a budget this ended up being really great, as I could walk the bridge and around the ‘Tower’ area and managed to catch a real-life jousting match all for free! Tick that one off the bucket list!

Tower of London

Jousting at the Tower of London!

London Bridge London Bridge London Bridge

I ended my day time in London back in the Carnaby to grab one of the famous cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery….because cake. Always cake.

Hummingbird Bakey

What are your favourite things to do in London on a budget? Let me know in the comments!


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